California’s Jeff and Amberleigh Gonzales Say eXp Realty Has Reignited Their Passion for Real Estate

Jeff Gonzales and Amberleigh Dancy Gonzales are both second generation real estate agents whose business paths took a bit of a twist: Jeff chose to break from his traditional family brokerage while Amberleigh chose to bring her independent brokerage over to eXp Realty within months of each other. 

Jeff and Amberleigh Gonzales

“That speaks volumes,” Amberleigh said. “Jeff saw a better way of doing business through eXp for every agent. For myself as a new broker-owner, I saw the huge opportunity of a ‘plug-and-play’ brokerage while mitigating liability. There is a significant value-add at eXp for every agent.”

“We’ve come a long way in our careers and eXp has reignited our passion for the industry.”

Jeff and Amberleigh married in 2020, and while they had worked alongside one another at other firms, this is the first time they have worked together. They run two markets full-time, with Amberleigh focusing on Orange County while Jeff runs the Central Coast office 200 miles away. They live together in Orange, California, with their four sons and manage both businesses from their home.

“I’m in the field 90% of the time, and the fact that I can talk with a broker anywhere in the world, in addition to the back office support, really meets my needs,” Amberleigh said.

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Jeff feels unlike other brokerages, eXp Realty offers brokers the chance to tie their personal value to the company growth through stock opportunities.

“While other firms might be growing globally, often it doesn’t personally impact you. Whereas I have skin in the game with how well eXp is doing overall.”

Amberleigh believes that after overcoming some initial obstacles in their first year of working together, the pair is now hitting their stride.

“We’ve come a long way in our careers and eXp has reignited our passion for the industry.”

Learn More About Jeff and Amberleigh Gonzales:

Years in real estate: 

Jeff since 2008 and Amberleigh since 2005

Gross sales and transactions in 2021: 

$9.630 million on 13 transactions in 2021. As of Sept. 1, 2022, they have 16 transactions on $10,054,860 in sales.

Brokerage history:


  • eXp Realty (Jan. 2021 – current)
  • Owner of Marywood Estates (March 2018 – Sept. 2021)
  • Mark 1 Real Estate (2013 – 2018)
  • RE/MAX (2010 – 2013) 
  • Prudential (2005 – 2008)


  • eXp Realty (Oct. 2020 – current)
  • Champion Real Estate  (Feb. 2009 – Oct. 2020)

Main territory: Orange County (and surrounding counties) to Central Coast and Santa Barbara (and surrounding counties).

Number of people on team: 2 buyer agents; 1 transaction coordinator; 1 virtual assistant. (Currently hiring several buyer’s specialists and a client care coordinator in all areas.)

When and why did you align your business together?

“While we were engaged, Jeff and I agreed we would join our businesses together once we married. We married in October 2020. Jeff and I complement each other very well when it comes to our business and I’m forever grateful for this opportunity to work with him. Don’t get me wrong, we have our moments, but in the grand scheme of things, who wouldn’t want to build an empire with someone you love and respect?! We’re having a blast!” 

When and why did you join eXp?

Jeff: “I came on board in October 2020, after being really impressed with how the opportunity was presented, including that eXp allows you to earn stock in the company in multiple ways. I knew this was an opportunity unlike any other.”

Amberleigh: “I joined eXp in January 2021. Jeff and I believed this was the answer to us joining forces in real estate. We also joined eXp because of the incredible revenue share opportunity and we saw an exit strategy from the real estate business. Our financial goals are reachable and attainable through eXp’s brilliant platform.  

“I loved that eXp had a structured mentor program that enabled us to give back, and offered a financial incentive too. I had a wonderful mentor when I was a transaction coordinator with my family business before I got licensed, and that experience catapulted me to a much higher place in real estate. I’m happy this opportunity has appeared at the right time in my career.”

What makes eXp special to you? 

Jeff: “By far the collaboration. It’s like nothing else I have ever seen in space. The opportunities to earn additional income on top of sales commission is something that every agent should at least have as an option in their real estate business.”  

Amberleigh: “The entire company is seriously amazing! It’s the people, the connections, our company culture.”

Is there a significant experience you can share since you joined eXp?

Jeff: “Our team has grown internationally through eXp. This is something I had never imagined would happen.” 

Amberleigh: “The most significant and special detail to date has been the leadership in our organization I stumbled upon in eXp. When you take risks and show up it’s quite remarkable where it can lead you in life. Our leadership has made a significant contribution to my personal and professional growth over the past year. Looking back, Jeff and I struck gold.” 

What is one thing about eXp that surprised you?

“The collaboration between all agents at eXp no matter the organization they have joined.

How easy it is to communicate with the broker office and all departments within eXp World!”

Have you had any experience or success around eXp’s global revenue share and commercial businesses yet?

“Yes. We have an organization of 62 residential agents and one commercial agent.”

Best tip to share with other agents:

“Get obsessed with your goals and focus on what you can control. Don’t compare your journey in real estate to others. Comparison is the No. 1 killer of joy.”


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