Exclusive VIP Breakouts Highlight the Next Level of Entrepreneurship

Friday afternoon on Day 3 of the eXp Shareholder Summit in Orlando, three exclusive VIP sessions brought insights from top team leaders and industry innovators on team building, purpose, leadership, and success.

The $1 Billion Team Playbook

Keri Shull, team leader of one of the top teams in the DC Metro Area, led a discussion with fellow top team leaders Mark Zawaideh and Ibrahim Hussein about the most important elements in building a billion dollar team. 

Topics discussed included:

  • Team structure
  • Team shifts in a shifted market
  • Retention
  • Team culture
  • Team top producers
  • From team member to solo agent
From left, Keri Shull, Mark Zawaideh and Ibrahim Hussein

The importance of mindset and relationships was a reoccurring comment from the team leaders.

In response to a question on how the shifted market has shifted his business model, Mark said, “this is a business of relationships and now [the industry] is teaching us we need to build other relationships, with other Realtors.”

Ibrahim stressed the importance of relationships, team culture, and team member satisfaction touting a 98.7% retention rate.

Keri takes a leadership mindset with her team.

Keri shared how she uses a leadership mindset to further develop her team members, “I think, what can I take responsibility for? What did I not teach them? What else can I do to support them?”

The session concluded with questions from the audience and encouragement from the panelists to entrench team members not only in team culture but also eXp culture so they understand the value of both.

The Triple Bottom Line: People, Purpose, Prosperity

Real Estate Leader Kendall Bonner, kicked off the VIP session on leadership and purpose with an executive panel including eXp World Holdings Founder, CEO and Chairman, Glenn Sanford, Founder and CEO of Viome, Naveen Jain, and eXp Realty Chief Strategy Officer, Leo Pareja.

The discussion commenced with insights on vision and purpose.

From left, Kendall Bonner, Leo Pareja, Naveen Jain and Glenn Sanford

Glenn said, “If your vision is big enough people will want to join you on your mission.”

Naveen added, “If you have a massive, audacious vision that can change the trajectory of how humanity is going to live because of you, everyone wants to be part of that purpose.”

He then clarified the difference between purpose and passion, “Passion is for hobbies. The true winners have obsession, obsession for solving problems.”

Leo said, “Once you go from economically surviving to thriving…it’s different. It’s what pushes people. You have to find what gives you that rush that gets you excited to jump out of bed not just for the short-term but the long-term as well.”

Kendall Bonner and Leo Pareja

Kendall then turned the topic to leadership, delegation, and growth.

Glenn said, “Leadership is going out front, being willing to take a few arrows, and reporting back that it’s not as bad as people are telling you it will be.”

Leo commented, “One of the most important things to feel fulfilled is autonomy … give people the rules of the game.”

Naveen added, “No one wants to be managed…they want to be mentored. They want to go home and say I learned something from that guy today.”

Discussion continued on topics including:

  • Peace of mind vs. balance
  • Value and prosperity
  • Customer experience

In conclusion, Kendall prompted insights about continual innovation as a leader. Glenn recited his favorite phrase, “If it ain’t broke, break it … if you want to continue to be an innovator. Somebody’s got to be willing to create pain in order to get to the other side of pain which is that next innovation, next iteration.”

Be the CEO of Your Own Life

ICON, Team Leader, and SUCCESS Coach, Veronica Figueroa, introduced her idol and friend, Amy Somerville, CEO of SUCCESS Enterprises, to wrap up the VIP series with a personal account of how she came to find her new definition of success.

Amy Somerville

Amy recounted her early definition of success, “I was driven to make my family proud” and associated tangible things like money and vacations with having reached success. It wasn’t until a family card game prompted definitions of success from her 13- and 10-year old daughters that she began to reconsider and redefine her own understanding of success. Through her journey she identified three elements that contribute to success:

1. Opportunity

2. Mindset

3. Action

Amy challenged the audience to look at their own definitions and “redefine what success looks like to you … really truly … and as part of a journey and enjoying every part of it.”

She also emphasized how impactful her own coaches were in helping her find success. “We need coaches in our lives to help us take action, to help us get out from ourselves and out of the limiting beliefs that we tell ourselves.”

In conclusion, Amy shared her newly defined definition of success. “Success is an intentional mindset that, when combined with inspired opportunity and followed by action, delivers a life of purpose and love.”

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