eXp Partner Curbio Transforms Home Improvement Process Through Tech and Pay-at-Closing Model

Considering everything else that is required to sell a home, sprucing up a property with pre-listing updates and repairs can be nerve-racking. To eliminate the stress of selecting materials, sourcing, vetting and managing contractors, the eXp Partners program has partnered with Curbio, a company that is transforming the home improvement process.

Through eXp Partner Curbio, eXp Realty agents can rely on a concierge service to manage pre-listing updates, including repairs, basic listing prep, refreshes and remodels – with zero due until the home sells. 

eXp real estate agents and their clients have access to the following through Curbio:

  • Fix First, Pay at Closing Model: Curbio makes pre-listing updates an option for every homeowner with consistent, fair pricing, a price-match guarantee and a pay-at-closing model.
  • Profit-Driven Updates: Curbio works exclusively with real estate agents to advise and execute on smart updates.
  • Turn-key Concierge: An experienced team will advise on, manage and execute projects.
  • Proprietary Technology: Curbio streamlines pre-listing home improvement with technology that creates a faster, hassle-free, transparent experience for real estate agents and clients.

To start a project, eXp agents can request a free, same-day estimate, or reach out through Curbio’s  Workplace channel or send an email to partnerships@curbio.com. Curbio representatives are available in the eXp World Partner Hub from 12:30-1 p.m. PT Tuesdays and 6:30-7:30 a.m. PT Thursdays. Also, eXp agents who refer real estate agents to Curbio will receive a $1,000 gift card for every referral that begins a project. 

Mike Quail, an eXp Realty agent in Massachusetts, said Curbio’s availability and pay-at-closing model are the key differentiators that make pre-listing updates possible for every seller. 

“Before Curbio, I definitely worked with my different vendor partners to get things done,” Quail said. “Some of the challenges with that are, ‘are they available?’ Even though they’re going to get a two, three, four times return, do (my clients) have the upfront money to do it? What’s nice about Curbio is that’s all taken care of at the sale.”


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