eXp Partner Enriched Data Provides a One-Stop Solution for Property Data

Researching and evaluating property data can be complicated and time-consuming across residential and commercial real estate. But thanks to eXp Enriched Data, eXp Realty agents now have a one-stop solution for all things connected to big data in residential and commercial real estate. 

With unprecedented access to 152 million U.S. commercial and residential property records, agents can help their clients make informed decisions, and ultimately grow their businesses. 

eXp Enriched Data provides: 

  • Market-Leading Data: property data, analytics, tax records, mortgage records, building permits, rent rolls, property financials and owner information matched with unique algorithms and up to 10+ years of history and 1,300 lines of data. 
  • Data Quality and Accuracy: daily updates as users input information into the platform. That data is then standardized, cleansed, scored and optimized.
  • More Than 10 Million Weekly Data Field Updates: more than 7 million residential and 3 million commercial data fields updated each week.
  • Seamless Data Flow: powerful and seamless data flow and analysis with the ability to instantaneously share. 

“We help eXp Realty agents save time by aggregating data on their behalf and providing them access to the most advanced applications to analyze properties nationally,” said Benjamin Greenberg, managing director of eXp Enriched Data. “eXp Enriched Data provides agents the ability to perform property valuation opinions with unprecedented speed for more than 152 million residential and commercial properties across the U.S.”

Credential holders to eXp Enriched Data have access to the following three applications:

  • ERE (Enriched Real Estate): 32 million real-time commercial property records and guesstimate values
  • CARS (Commercial Assessment Report System): commercial valuation application with ability to write commercial broker price opinions in minutes
  • VAL (ResiValue): valuation application with ability to write residential opinion of value in minutes 

VAL by eXp Enriched Data will launch nationally in the second quarter of 2022, and is currently available to agents in Texas. The program provides eXp Realty agents data sourced from public records and MLS IDX feeds and provides automation of adjustments, calculations and final deliverable reports. It delivers a price opinion that is accepted by the Federal National Mortgage Association, relocation companies and mortgage servicer companies. 

How to Access eXp Enriched Data Apps

eXp Realty agents can access all three eXp Enriched Data applications with a subscription fee of $60/month. For more information, visit the Enriched Data website or Workplace group here.  

eXp Commercial agents can access the commercial data program here. For questions about login credentials, eXp Commercial agents can email expusers@enricheddata.com.  

For customer support, eXp agents can email eXpSupport@enricheddata.com. Enriched Data representatives are available in the eXp World Partner Hub from 7-11 a.m. PT and 1-4 p.m. PT Monday-Friday. 

Training sessions are available to all eXp agents. For more information, sign up here

Carolyn Chason, an eXp Commercial real estate agent in Florida and North Carolina, attended one of the training sessions and said she looks forward to utilizing eXp Enriched Data. 

“It was a great opportunity to learn more about how to leverage this insanely incredible tool and to understand how it will evolve,” Chason said. “A must attend for serious players in commercial!”  


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