eXp Realty Agent/Entrepreneur Justin Nelson Founded Virtual Assistant Company Sphere Rocket

Q. Who needs a virtual assistant?

A. Anyone who wants to scale their business.  

This was the realization of Justin Nelson, an eXp Realty agent whose entrepreneurial mindset inspired him to launch Sphere Rocket, a virtual assistant company whose VAs can handle anything from video editing to transaction coordination to marketing. Justin’s clients range from real estate agents (of course), to electricians and even stay-at-home-moms selling products on Etsy.

eXp Realty agent Justin Nelson, the founder of Sphere Rocket.

“When I was on the road, teaching at Keller Williams offices, I was using VAs to coordinate everything for me,” said Justin. “People were wondering, ‘how did a 21-year-old make a million a year while being on the road?’ Once I got to eXp, I started to realize the greater need. So I created a prototype and shared it with some colleagues and it just took off. I thought, ‘Oh we’re onto something.’”

Justin got his start in real estate by working for his dad’s team in Denver, Colorado at the ripe young age of 16. He graduated high school, attended college and played football, but dropped out because the allure of real estate sales was still in his heart and mind. He got licensed and joined Keller, working in inside sales and as a marketing lead for about six years, then moved to eXp Realty in July 2019. 

While Justin is still active as an eXp agent, doing 12-16 deals a year, he is spending much more time developing his Sphere Rocket company. Here are 10 questions with Justin about Sphere Rocket:

What is Sphere Rocket?

Sphere Rocket is a virtual workforce placement company connecting top real estate agents, team leaders, small business owners and entrepreneurs with talented, experienced virtual workers to help them spend more time on the things that matter most, in life and business.

Why would I need a virtual assistant?

Hiring virtual assistants (VAs) allows you to have specialized talent to help your business grow while keeping your payroll costs down. Social media, video editing, transaction coordination, lead coordination and personal assistants all have different skill sets and hiring specialized positions is often too expensive for most agents. Sphere Rocket makes it possible to grow your team, and ultimately your profitability, faster.

What is the cost to use Sphere Rocket?

Sphere Rocket offers different packages depending on the needs of the client. We charge a one-time placement fee and then you pay your VA $3-$6/hour. 

How long has Sphere Rocket been around?

I have been using virtual assistants in my personal life and business since 2016. I started Sphere Rocket in 2019 to create a better-valued VA company to serve the needs of the business-minded. 

What sets Sphere Rocket apart from other companies?

There are two main differences between Sphere Rocket and most of our competitors.  First, our business model is designed to deliver long-term value to the client. The traditional model in our industry takes a portion of the hourly rate charged, meaning the client is paying that company forever, with no cap and no expiration. In our model, we take an upfront placement fee and none of the hourly rate. Our fee is usually recouped in six months, and over the course of a year the client saves thousands. Over the span of a VA’s tenure with a client, the savings could be in the tens of thousands. The second thing that sets us apart is ongoing support, training and resources to help our clients and VAs have successful relationships. We have 10+ hours of live training and coaching every week, a huge database of recorded training, SOPs, job descriptions, software recommendations, and more. We believe it’s best for our clients, and the VAs we place with them, if we invest in helping them be successful!

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What types of businesses is Sphere Rocket designed to support?

Because we recruit each position individually, we don’t have a pool of candidates haphazardly being placed in positions they aren’t qualified for. We can place great VAs with any type of business. However, because I am a real estate agent, I focused the company on solving the problems agents and brokers face every day.

Where are Sphere Rockets’ virtual assistants located? 

All of our VAs are located in the Philippines, where we are an SEC-registered corporation. This lets us find VAs with great English skills and reliable high-speed internet. The Philippines is a country of over 100 million people, so it has an amazing talent pool that we can connect with.

What if I don’t like my virtual assistant?

We offer a replacement policy that functions like insurance in case things don’t work out.  If it’s not a good fit, if life changes for you or your VA, whatever the reason, we’ll replace your VA.

Where will I find Sphere Rocket at the eXp Shareholder Summit?

We are so excited to be the title sponsor so you’ll see us everywhere! We have a large booth and we’ll have team members throughout the event wearing bright Sphere Rocket shirts. Stop any one of us to talk!

What is your 30-second elevator pitch about Sphere Rocket?

At Sphere Rocket, we work directly with you to identify your needs and the perfect candidate for your team. We’ll sort through hundreds of applicants, conduct dozens of interviews, and bring you 3-5 top candidates for you to interview directly. Once you hire an amazing VA, we support you through the onboarding and training process for as long as you need! Hire talented virtual assistants for $3-$6/hr and take your business to the next level.

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