eXp Realty Recognizes 258 ICON Agents for December 2021

eXp World Holdings (Nasdaq: EXPI), the holding company for eXp Realty, the fastest-growing residential and commercial real estate companies in the world, announced that 258 agents were honored as eXp Realty ICON agents for December 2021. This is the first time agents from the eXp Commercial division have gained ICON status. They are Evangelo Karantonis and Kevin Quick, both from Irvine, California.

“In just one year and in the midst of a pandemic, I am proud to see eXp Commercial scale and for some of our agents to earn ICON status,” said Stephanie Gilezan, Director of eXp Commercial Brokerage Operations. “This speaks to eXp Commercial’s cloud-based business model, which embraces new technologies, ideas and innovations.”

The eXp Realty ICON Agent Award is reserved for agents who achieve exceptional production goals and positively impact company culture. This honor signals that these agents are leaders in their field and serve as examples to their colleagues by upholding the core values of eXp Realty.

eXp Realty ICON Agents for December 2021

Domenick Acerra, NJ
Christie Addington, KY
Kimberly and James Agemy, MI
Caroline Allison, TX
Nicole and Leonard Ambrose, GA
Anne Anderson, MN
Jeffrey Anderson, CA
Roz Anton, ME
David Aronson, AZ
Gina Aselin, NH
Andrew Avalos, CA
Steven Axford, BC
Madhu Baker, ON
Catherine Bassick, MA
Teresa Beaumont, MI
Justin Becker, AB
Kyle Bell, VA
Jonathan Bennett, AL
Tia Billis, FL
Alex Billotti, MI
Emanuel and Elizabeth Blando, MO
Kip Boatcher, CA
Elizabeth and William Boisvert, OR
Naeem Boucher, NJ
Chris Bounds , TX
Dave Bowen, FL
Carlos Brito, TX
Deborah Brittan, CA
Coti and Ty Brown, MI
Robert Brown, NB
Rex Buchanan, OR
Richard Buckisch, CA
Brian Burds, TX
Cindy Burroughs, BC
Neyva Bustamante, TX
Mark and Kelli Cairns, TN
Cara Campos, NJ
Drew Carlson, AB
Silvia Castro, CA
Elaine Ceccacci, GA
Stephen and Gilberte Cenkar, FL
Shawn Cheney, VT
Jeff Christianson, ID
Corina C. Cisneros, NH
Matthew Clemente, NJ
Derrick Coates, AZ
Samuel Coleman, NV
Zachary Coletti, FL
Steve Comstock, MN
Grace Conolly, BC
Alysia Cook, OK
Aubie Cook, NC
MyLee Corona, KY
Claudale Corpus, CA
Blake Cory, CA
David Coulter, FL
Kathryn Courtney, NV
Renee Cramer, GA
Angela Crawford, WV
Marguerite Crespillo, CA
Adam Crosson, SC
Lisa Cummins, OH
Holly Dandridge-Madden, FL
Victoria Davis, FL
Jocelyn Deal, IN
Arnaud de La Forest Divonne, QC
Ivan Delano, BC
Gail DeMarco-Bolger, CA
Joseph DePauw, IL
Laurie Dick, MN
Adam Dirkson, BC
Emily Duma, ND
Susan Duncan, NC
Margot Durand, OR
Julie Duran-Ramirez, TX
Alfred Esparza, TX
Sara Etienne, CT
Brad and Alisha Fairman, FL
Maria T. Ferreira, TX
Joseph Ferzoco, NJ
Catheryn Ficks-Blasy, MI
Chris Fisher, AZ
Kevin Flaherty, ON
Natalya Ford, MD
Jimmy Fox, OH
Stuart Francis, FL
Steve and Karen Freebery, DE
Estelle Gaither, TX
Keira and Gregory Gannon, AZ
Lee Garland, MS
Lynne Garton, GA
John Garuti, FL
Tess Gascon, CO
Kelly Gilson, CA
Michele Gole, AB
Andrea Gomez, TX
Meriel Gordon, SK
Ross Graham, IN
Miriam Graybeal, SC
Robert Greenblatt, NJ
Tracy and Brian Grubbs, OR
Eddie Guajardo, CA
Christopher Guffey, GA
Bryan Guilloty, NC
Matthew Hance, OH
James Hanes, MD
Felicity Harden, QLD
Darcy L. Hardy, WA
Christina Harmon, TX
Kathleen Harrison, FL
Ryan Hartt, BC
Matthew Haugh, NV
Russell Haver, NV
Dennis and Juliet Hebert, NV
Lindsay Heeger, KY
Crystal Heigley, TX
John Henao, FL
Ronald and Cynthia Hensley, NM
Kenneth Hirschmann, MI
Momo Hlaing, VA
Dina Hogg, AZ
Julie Hogston, OH
Brandi Hollifield, NC
Jin Hong, CA
Bryon Howard, AB
Paige and Gary Hutchinson, LA
Brian Inskip, IL
Shannon Jacobs, TX
Linda Johnson, MI

Shirlene Johnston, ON
Tierny Jordan, TX
Vinny Josephs, NJ
Lauren Judice, LA
Evangelo Karantonis, CA
Andrew Kay, CA
Collin Kelley, ID
Tanya Kelly, NC
Christopher Kingsbury, ON
Laird Knight, WV
Robert Kopp, IL
Mari Krogsgaard, TX
Jay LaGace, FL
David Lam, AB
Kimberly LaPilusa, IN
Michael Larson, AZ
Ben Laube, FL
Tracy Lauriente, BC
Theo Law, NSW
Paul Lemelin, QC
Ann LeNoir, FL
Edward Lenzer, CA
Jessica Lopez, CA
Justin Lott, FL
Linh Luong, TX
Kat Macnab, AB
Kimberly Magette, SC
Bambi Magraw, SC
William Mahan, OK
Heidi Marsh, TX
Joshua Martin, IN
Jodie McCormick-Hudson, PA
Mary Mckinney, NY
Oscar Melara, GA
Ramona Miazga, SK
Cameron Michael, SC
Elicia Michaud, TX
Caleb and Paige Monk, MS
Rocco Montana, CO
Brandon Moore, SK
Crystal Moore, VA
Jamie Moreng, NJ
Cem Mutlu, MA
Andrew Nazaroff, CA
Joanne Niemi, ON
Kyle Noe, OK
Joseph Ossichak III, NJ
John Pacilio, IN
Sarah Parent, MB
Cory Parsons, TN
Shantanu Patil, TX
Mary Peacock, MI
John Pena, TX
Fredy Penaranda, TX
Lesley Perreault, KS
Travis Plumb, TX
Brittany Primeau, AB
Christina Probeyahn, FL
Ryan and Tamber Punches, SC
Cassie Purdy, CO
Jon Putt, TN
Daniel Puz, NV
Kevin Quick, CA
Timothy Rehrmann, AZ
Amanda Reynolds, GA
Kevin Rhoderick, CA
Amanda Richardson, MI
David Robles, CA
Clinton Roche, ON
Daniel Rodriguez, AR
Gustavo Rojas, TX
Michelle Rollins, PA
Cynthia Rosenbloom, FL
James Roth, UT
Kayla Runge, TX
Dayla Rush, TX
Glen Russell, PA
Michael Russo, OH
Thomas Sanderson, NC
Eli Schmidt, CO
Stephanie Schriber, OR
Robert Schuchman, FL
Stephanie Schulte, AL
Dallas Schumaker, AB
Mike Searcy, IL
Gary Semeniuk, ON
Bernard Shamow, MI
David Shapiro, TX
Stacy Shore, MO
Phillip Simon, VA
Anter Singh, BC
Robert Snyder, MN and WI
Craig Sommerville, WI
Aaron Sosa, BC
Preston Soto, CA
Marcia Souers, IN
Katie Stamp, CO
Laxman Subedi, ON
Kourtney Swift, CO
Adam Taivalkoski, MI
Christine Tatro, NH
Carrie Thodoroff, MI
Tu Anh Tran, TX
Kristie Trentham, TN
Terry Trexler, VA
Ken Tripp, ON
David Upchurch, NC
Toni Vandegrift, DE
Carl Vano, FL
Jason and Veronica VanZant, NV
Gui Vasconcellos, IL
Kenneth Vining, SC
Jillian Von Ohlen, FL
Shane Voth, AB
Bonnie Walker, HI
Jerry Walker, TX
Christy Wallace, NC
Barry Webb, KY
Brenden Wehrkamp, SK
Julie Werner, NB
Kara West, NC
David Wilkerson, IL
Brian Wilson, DC
Rachael Yun, CA
Julie Yunger, OR
Cheryl Zalewski, CT
Donald Zappia, NY
Scott Ziegler, SK
Kelly Zimmerman, CA

The eXp Realty ICON Agent Award provides each qualified ICON with up to $16,000 in publicly traded eXp World Holdings, Inc. common stock upon the achievement of certain production, cultural and event attendance goals. The company’s cap is presently set at $16,000. Through the program, ICONs effectively can earn up to their entire cap amount back in the form of stock. ICON Agent qualification and benefit details are available in the ICON Program Overview


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