eXp’s Glenn Sanford and Viome’s Naveen Jain Talk Health at EXPCON 2022

eXp World Holdings Founder, CEO and Chairman Glenn Sanford hosted a fireside chat with Naveen Jain, Founder and CEO of Viome Life Sciences on Thursday during the second general session of EXPCON.

The talk came following the announcement that Viome Life Sciences is the precision nutrition health partner in the newly launched SUCCESS Health™, which provides valuable tools and resources to help consumers transform their health and wellness. 

eXp World Holdings Founder Glenn Sanford (left) talks with Viome Founder Naveen Jain during a fireside chat at EXPCON 2022 in Las Vegas.

SUCCESS Health is focused on three key health offerings for consumers: specially curated content, individual and group health coaching and a community of health partners. Viome, a mission-driven biotechnology company, is the first of many health partners SUCCESS Health will include in its community, designed to provide consumers with wellness and fitness offers and measurable solutions to help them make sustainable life changes.

Viome Life Sciences provides at-home health tests which analyze gut and oral microbiome in order to identify some of the causes of inflammation and imbalance in the human body. Through its app integration, Viome then recommends the foods to limit and those to eat, based on individual testing results. In addition to food recommendations, the company provides precise formulas of nutritional supplements and ingredients for each individual based on their bio-chemistry. 

Jain Says Illness Can Be a Choice, Not Bad Luck

“If you get better you can produce more, you will be happier and humanity will be better,” he said. “Our mission is to build a future in which every individual has the ability to access insights about their own body and take control of their health with personal recommendations and products that reflect their unique biology.”

Glenn Sanford and Naveen Jain

He discussed how the human body is an extremely complex ecosystem and, until now, has remained a mystery.

“Viome’s combination of proprietary sequencing technology and use of AI is, for the first time, allowing individuals to monitor and modulate gene expression with food and supplements, which will enable them to live longer and healthier lives. We believe the future of medicine will come from a farm, not a pharmacy. The future of health care will be at home, not a hospital. Together, I truly believe we can achieve our goal of making illness a matter of choice, and not bad luck,” he said.

“Once I understood what this was I thought everyone needs to have this,” Glenn added. “We’ve set up revenue share that builds for your future, but if you aren’t healthy, who cares? Our real purpose is to inspire people to live their best lives.”

Sanford Bringing Health Partners to SUCCESS Health

Naveen added that life is full of ups and downs and not to get depressed when things are in a down cycle:

“Enjoy when things are down because you know that the next step is up. Don’t look for a smooth life and enjoy the ups and downs.”

“To experience optimal health, the operating systems within our bodies need to work in harmony,” said Glenn. “The health partners we are bringing to consumers through the SUCCESS Health community have validated approaches to wellness. As our nutrition-focused partner, Viome looks at the unique needs of an individual to restore balance to their microbiome, creating the right foundation to establish good overall health.”


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