eXp’s Top-Producing ICON Agents Explain Why eXp Is So Important to Them (VIDEO)

Joining a new brokerage is always fraught. Not only because of learning new tools and platforms but what about the people? Are they collaborative, or secretive? Do they lift others up? Do they pay it forward and share their knowledge? Do they help YOU succeed? The answer is yes, yes, yes, and yes!

If you want a window into the energy and substance of eXp Realty’s top-producing agents — ICON Agents — and why they believe eXp Realty is life-changing, take a watch here or click the video below. 

For background, this video was compiled after a couple of Sprint events were held at eXp this year. Sprint events challenge eXp agents to help the company grow by attracting other, like-minded, high-producing individuals. The Sprint is a month-long attraction event and if an agent is successful in getting three agents to join in their region, they are invited to exclusive events with other top-producing eXp agents at luxurious resorts around the country to celebrate the success. 


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