Hoss Pratt Inspires Crowd in SUCCESS Real Estate Agent Training at eXp Shareholder Summit

Renowned real estate industry expert and bestselling author, Hoss Pratt, delivered an awe-inspiring version of SUCCESS Agent Training at the eXp Shareholder Summit on Saturday. This exclusive mastermind workshop provided agents with tangible and expert guidance that they can readily implement into their businesses. Hoss, a global authority in agent and leadership coaching, delivered elite training during this captivating session.

Hoss Pratt

Hoss Pratt’s journey in entrepreneurship began during his teenage years when he started selling lawn care services. Encouraged by a mentor, he made the pivotal decision to move to Dallas and venture into the real estate industry. Despite initial struggles, Hoss remained steadfast and, after fine-tuning his approach, achieved an impressive $9 million in sales during his first year.

Throughout the session, Hoss Pratt delved into the three pillars of success: Mindset, Models, and Massive Action.

Greatness Comes With the Right Mindset

Hoss firmly believes that with the right mindset, anyone can achieve greatness. He places a significant emphasis on authenticity, considering it a fundamental aspect of effective salesmanship. Agents were urged to engage in more conversations, recognizing the multitude of strategies available, such as social media and lead generation. Hoss emphasized that the purpose of these activities is ultimately to foster meaningful conversations. By approaching interactions with authenticity, agents can expect to reap greater rewards and accomplishments.

Hoss stressed that true authenticity cannot be found within one’s comfort zone. Stepping into the unknown and boldly showing up is where people and opportunities materialize. While planning is valuable, he encouraged attendees to take risks and be willing to sacrifice everything in order to gain success.

Hoss Pratt: “Financial wealth does not define success.”

Moreover, Hoss underscored the significance of personal growth, reminding participants that financial wealth does not define success. Instead, he highlighted that monetary gains are a natural byproduct of becoming a successful individual.

Developing Effective Models Is Important

Hoss Pratt shared invaluable insights on shaping effective models for real estate professionals. He discussed the importance of understanding the value of one’s time and adopting a growth mindset. Agents were encouraged to prioritize high-impact activities such as prospecting, delivering compelling presentations, building meaningful relationships, and effective leadership.

He shared a daily method of operations, which he encouraged agents to consistently follow without fail.

Do the Work — Take Massive Action

With a well-defined model in place, Hoss emphasized the critical importance of taking massive action. While this aspect cannot be taught, he emphasized that success ultimately hinges on the commitment and determination of each individual agent. True progress requires unwavering dedication and the willingness to put in the necessary work.

Agents left the session invigorated and equipped with newfound energy and opportunities to propel their businesses to new heights.


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