Kevin Kauffman, Tina Caul, Peter Luu, Krista Mashore, Monica Foster, Jonathan Campbell Lead High-production Mindset Talk

eXp Realty agent Krista Mashore brought excitement and energy on Wednesday during Learning Path 2’s “Reach for New Heights,” which began with a focus on how to develop a high-production mindset. “Success breeds success!” she said before welcoming Kevin Kauffman to the stage to talk about the critical importance of the psychological aspect of success.

The Learning Paths were part of the week-long EXPCON conference for eXp’s agents and other real estate professionals. It is being held in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.

Krista Mashore

“Eighty percent of success is mindset, 20% is tactics,” Kevin said. “Keeping your head in the game truly is the game.”

To clear your mind in preparation for building the foundation of a successful mindset, Kevin warned the audience to stay clear of negativity and watch what they let enter their minds.

“Focus on the good stuff!” Krista shouted.

Monica Foster and Jonathan Campbell joined them onstage for an open discussion on how to make it through the current market challenges.

Jonathan advised the audience to define their goals very clearly and then work towards them with failure not an option. Monica discussed the importance of developing the right habits to form a positive mindset. “For me, it’s putting things in place that work for me, it’s a mindset of priority,” she said.

Peter Luu

Jonathan talked about how he focuses on the small wins: “It keeps me in the mindset of a constant state of victory.”

Krista then introduced Peter Luu, Tina Caul and Michael LaFido to discuss “Success in the Luxury Market.”

“I give million dollar service, no matter what price range,” said Tina. They also discussed the importance of marketing in the luxury space, with a focus on utilizing video. “My video content does the work for me,” said Krista. “It helps you get views while you snooze!”

Tina took audiences through her process for determining price and how to deliver a listing presentation. The theme of mindset returned as they talked about the importance of thought: “Have the mindset that you are a luxury agent, you are a realtor that can sell any property,” she said. Peter added: “My mindset is I am going in to win this.”

The panel also took questions from the highly engaged audience and offered advice on everything from what to wear to meet with luxury clients (be yourself!) to appreciating the customer (luxury clients have luxury client friends!) and having the right pictures that showcase the property in the best way possible.

Tina Caul

They wrapped the session by discussing how to leverage luxury experience acquired in other markets and garnering referral sources outside of buyers and sellers.

For the last session, Krista welcomed Robert Creamer and Britney Mroczkowski to talk about opportunities in Commercial Real Estate (CRE). “This is a relationship business,” Robert noted as he opened, advising those looking to break into CRE to get educated first. “Our deals take a long time to come to fruition,” said Britney. “We offer training that gives you what you need to get started. We have the tools and we educate our agents.”

When it comes to finding opportunities quickly in CRE, they recommend talking to residential agents and asking how to help them with their needs. They also recommend participating in as many networking events as possible to build a network. “My lead gen is my relationship base,” said Britney. “Workplace connects me so quickly with anyone in eXp. If you need something, post and we will find someone to help.”

Michael LaFido

“This is a contact sport, you have to get out there,” said Robert. “If you don’t follow up, however, you are wasting your time. You need a system that automates.” 

When asked whether they thought the market would get easier or harder over the next 12 months, Britney and Robert indicated the answer was both. They advised having a focus on lead generation and looking at leasing, which is hotter than ever. “There will always be trends in commercial real estate depending on what’s going on but there is always opportunity,” Britney noted.

“When times get tough you have to get on the phone and get in front of people,” added Robert. “The longer you do this the easier it is.”

They also advised making a real effort to know your market, paying attention when driving around and not being afraid to walk into shopping centers and introduce yourself. And in times when you don’t know the answer, they suggest partnering up with someone that does know. “Everything is hard – until it’s not,” Robert said.

Lastly, they shared a CRE secret: “The bigger the deal, the less work you have to do,” Robert said. “Our job is to connect the dots.”