Panel Focuses on How to Generate Leads Via YouTube, Social Media

One of the most anticipated events of the eXp Shareholder Summit, being held in Orlando, are the breakout sessions, where attendees have the opportunity to learn new skills and techniques for growing their real estate business. These panels focused on how to generate leads through social media, including YouTube.

Master Connection Online for Lead Generation

This breakout session focused on effectively managing online leads with moderator Carrie Lysenko, the CEO of Zoocasa. The panel consisted of Haley Lobosco, Brittany Kostov, and Drew Carlson.

From left: Carrie Lysenko, Zoocasa CEO, Haley Lobosco Admin Coach & Trainer, Drew Carlson, eXp Agent and Brittany Kostov Director, Sales in Zoocasa.

The panel stressed the significance of continued follow up and authenticity in lead generation. They emphasized the need to engage in genuine conversations with potential leads, rather than adopting a sales-oriented approach. The emphasis was on understanding the needs of the prospects and how one can genuinely assist them.

The speakers also advised attendees to set themselves up for a positive outcome during phone calls, rather than focusing on negativity. This involved approaching calls with confidence and maintaining a neutral perspective. Attendees were encouraged to be confident in the value they can provide and focus on positioning themselves as a helpful resource for potential leads.

The Ultimate YouTube Guide to Drive Production 

This all-agent panel featured Kaila Lindsey as the moderator, alongside Marty Pettiford, Levi Lacsak, and Michael Duggal. The session revolved around strategies to effectively drive production using YouTube, considering its immense user base of over 2 billion monthly active users.

From left: Kaila Lindsey, Levi Lascsak, Marty Pettiford and Michael Duggal

YouTube offers a unique advantage by allowing content creators to produce “evergreen” videos that can have a lasting impact over time. These videos continue to be watched and can yield significant dividends for years to come. It is important to note that instant gratification may not be immediate when posting a video on YouTube, as building views and an audience takes time. However, by focusing on sharing the video via email and other platforms, creators can generate leads and see short-term results.

Here are some valuable insights shared during the presentation:

  • Choose one social platform instead of focusing on too many. Put 100% of your effort into one platform, rather than 20% into five.
  • Agents don’t need perfectly edited videos. Some of the best-performing videos are raw and authentic.
  • A company like Fiverr can edit videos and create thumbnails for those who feel that isn’t their forte. 
  • Before shooting the video, have a plan for what the title and thumbnail design will be.

By implementing these valuable tips and strategies shared during the session, content creators can enhance their YouTube production efforts and optimize their chances of success. YouTube’s vast reach and long-lasting impact make it an invaluable platform for content creators looking to engage with a global audience.

Maximize Your Audience Using Instagram & TikTok 

In a breakout session featuring industry experts Christina Swyers, Liz Brown, and Chastin J Miles, real estate professionals gained valuable insights into leveraging Instagram and TikTok to maximize their audience reach. The session highlighted key tips and tools that agents can utilize to expand their online presence and connect with a wider audience.

Storytelling emerged as a powerful strategy, emphasizing the importance of being vulnerable and sharing relatable stories. By sharing personal experiences and narratives that resonate with viewers, agents can establish a genuine connection and build trust with potential clients.

From left, Liz Brown, Christina Swyers and Chastin J Miles.

Additionally, agents were encouraged to consider delegating tasks such as shooting and editing to professionals, allowing them to focus on their core expertise in real estate.

The session also shed light on the significant role of AI in streamlining content creation. Opus Clip, an innovative AI platform, offers agents the ability to convert their YouTube videos into engaging shorts, reaching a wider audience efficiently. Jasper AI, another cutting-edge tool, empowers agents to write captivating and clever content, ensuring their messaging grabs attention from the first few seconds.


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