Sister-Brother Team Ceila and Oscar Morales Jr. Drawn to eXp for Its Global Footprint and Luxury Offerings

Editor’s note: In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, we are featuring Hispanic eXp Realty agents and sharing their stories of service, values, and commitments.

When it comes to booming Central and South Florida real estate, few can match the firepower of the sibling team of Ceila and Oscar Morales Jr.  With more than $66 million in sales on 253 units in 2022, this decorated duo has steered themselves to the top in Miami and Orlando. They’ve done it by harnessing the buying interest from international buyers for Orlando and Miami’s alluring options for investors and residents.

Ceila and Oscar’s decisive move to eXp in 2021 proved nothing less than a brilliant partnership, marked by Oscar’s 20-year history of servicing ultra-high-end wealthy clientele with a 127-member team across 24 countries.

“We originated as an independent brokerage and grew to 33 exceptional agents, but our decision to join eXp was the collaborative and global brokerage model that amplified our work in Miami, Central Florida and beyond,’’ Oscar said.

“We wanted to be part of this kind of globally-scaled real estate enterprise, and this is exactly what’s happened: We’ve actively participated in eXp’s global expansion, playing integral roles in establishing a presence in key international markets such as Dubai, Chile, and Colombia,’’ Ceila said.

Ceila and Oscar Morales No Strangers to EXPCON’s Big Stage 

The power of Oscar and Ceila Morales and their megawatt team will be on full display in October at the hotly anticipated EXPCON in Las Vegas where Ceila and Oscar will be part of the eXp Latino panel. They are also emerging stars in the eXp Luxury division. 

“This year marks a significant milestone as we eagerly anticipate our third annual EXPCON event in Las Vegas,’’ Oscar said. 

The brother/sister tandem says that eXp Realty’s “unwavering commitment to international expansion and inclusion and diversity” were key reasons why they feel they are an integral part of the world’s leading virtual brokerage. 

“Our active participation demonstrates our commitment to the real estate community and our dedication to advancing the industry,’’ said Ceila.

Oscar and Ceila are sought-after speakers and will appear on stage at EXPCON 2023 in Las Vegas.

Top-Notch Credentials In the industry and Throughout the Hispanic Community 

Ceila held a respected leadership role within the NAHREP Central Florida chapter for four years thanks to her exceptional dedication to empowering the Hispanic community.

Oscar’s 20 years of experience spans all facets of the field and is backed by an array of certifications that allow him to deftly and expertly cater to a diverse clientele, particularly in both Spanish and widely viewed online formats. 

He is also the founder and senior real estate instructor at The Real Estate Institute (TREI).

He also contributed as an International Land Acquisition Consultant at TOM Real Estate, and currently serves as the Vice President of The International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI). 

More About Ceila and Oscar Morales Jr. 

Where are you/your team based? 

Orlando/Miami, Florida

Years in real estate: 

Since 2001

Gross sales and transactions in 2022: 

253 units and $66,660,029 in sales volume

Brokerage history (in order of most recent to oldest):

  • eXp Realty (May 2021-current)
  • Luxury Realty Inc  (Oct. 2004-June 2021)
  • The Real Estate Institute (Oct. 2001-Present) (Real Estate Instructors)

Main focus: 

Wealth preservation of foreign national investors through residential and commercial units. Real estate instructors on pre- and post-licensing for sales associates and brokers for the state of Florida.

Number of people on team:

127 and 5 transaction coordinators, office manager and onboarding staff.

What makes eXp special to you? 

“We are from a military background and hold very important values of respect and chain of command and a relentless pursuit of excellence. When we investigated brokerages like Keller Williams, RE/MAX, Compass and Watson Realty, we found that none of them captured the unique model of collaboration and openness. It was evident from the outset that eXp was a company founded on principles of mutual respect and transparency – values that aligned seamlessly with our background. That sense of purpose and innovation really rekindled a sense of enjoyment for the real estate profession, and it has allowed Oscar to leverage his experience as Vice President for FIABCI Americas, the International Real Estate Federation, a role that had him deeply involved in fostering industry growth.”

What is one thing about eXp that surprised you?

“What truly took us by surprise was the exceptional level of technology integration and the sheer depth of support in various departments. It’s staggering the level of technological advancement available to us and everyone.”

Best tips to share with other agents:

1. Embrace Every Connection:

 In this dynamic industry, you never know who might become your next industry leader or game-changing partner. Every interaction holds potential, and that person could be the next Glenn Sanford, Glenn Stearns, or Michael Valdes. Don’t underestimate the power of networking and forging meaningful relationships – they can lead to unforeseen opportunities that transform your career.

2. Champion eXp’s Energy and Values:

 The eXp Realty community is built on a foundation of unparalleled energy and shared values. The commitment to not only selling properties but also to “transforming lives” is a driving force that sets us apart. We believe that through our dedication and the support of the “Luxury Team,” we can make a difference that transcends generations. 

3. Explore the Difference with an Open Mind:

Real estate might not be suitable for everyone, but at eXp, everyone is welcome. We are united as “ONE eXp,” working in sync to uphold the company’s values. If you’re curious about the eXp experience, we encourage you to engage with our leadership.“


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