Summit Panel: Tips for Attacking Business Challenges Head On As a Team Leader

It’s no secret that we are facing challenging times in the market, which is why a panel focused on this very topic, geared for team leaders, was created.

At the eXp Shareholder Summit on Friday, the “Attacking Challenges in Your Business Head On as a Team Leader” breakout track began with a panel discussion on teams thriving in a changing market led by agent Joseph Kipping, with agents Randy Dyck, Elizabeth Colón and Peter Levinson rounding out the panel.

“We had to go back to the basics with the change in market,” Elizabeth said. “You have to make the phone calls and follow the leads to get the business.”

Joseph Kipping (far right) led a panel discussion on teams thriving in a changing market with (left to right) Peter Levinson, Elizabeth Colón and Randy Dyck.

According to Peter, the key in a changing market is to drill down into the data.

“We analyzed the leads coming in and the conversion rates and identified where the issues were, then determined how we moved forward so we chased the right thing,” he said.

The panel also discussed their top three lead sources: “Past clients and Ninja selling are where we get the bulk of our business,” explained Randy. When it comes to what fires them up to tackle each day, Elizabeth suggests staying focused and tuning out the noise, “I have people watching me so I have to do it!” she said. 

Why It’s a Great Time to Run a Team

The afternoon’s second panel discussed why it’s a great time to run a team, led by agent Veronica Figueroa and featuring agents Lance Custen, Jennifer Jones and Pierre Nadeau.

The panel kicked off the discussion by talking about how they knew it was the time to start building a team.

“I was getting so much repeat referral business, I couldn’t continue to give the same level of service, so it was a natural time for me to seek individuals out,” said Jennifer. 

Veronica Figueroa (far left) led a panel discussion on why it’s a great time to run a team with (left to right) Pierre Nadeau, Jennifer Jones and Lance Custen.

Veronica agreed, explaining that she had such an overflow of business she found herself just handing out referrals.

“My husband finally said to me we need to enjoy life,” she said. “I was worried my team wouldn’t be able to do what I do. But my husband challenged me and told me it was my job to make my team better. That was the moment for me.”

Chief Growth Officer Michael Valdes Leads Panel on Attraction

The breakout track concluded with a panel focused on how to attract teams, opened by Chief Growth Officer Michael Valdes and featuring Vice Presidents of Growth Amy Weaver, Sean Murphy and Nadia Habib, as well as Senior Network Analyst Susan McClain and France Managing Broker Samuel Caux.

“Serve, serve, serve,” Susan told the packed audience when it comes to attracting teams. “Come with a servant’s heart and not what it can do for you.” 

Michael Valdes (far right) led a panel discussion on how to attract teams with (left to right) Amy Weaver, Sean Murphy, Susan McClain, Samuel Caux and Nadia Habib.

Samuel spoke about finding and highlighting the value proposition, while Sean spoke about retention. “You must have a system to train and retain,” Sean explained. “Before you attract anyone make sure you are ready. Have a checklist of items that you wish you had when you entered real estate. Be prepared for what is about to befall you.”

Nadia advised the audience to leverage the systems eXp Realty currently has in place. “Then you can use your time elsewhere; teams are very attracted to what we have in place,” she said. 


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