Tech, Agent-centricity, Health, eXp’s Growth, Opportunities, and Luxury Focus of 2023 eXp Shareholder Summit

Ed Mylett Gives Energized, Uplifting Keynote at the 9th Annual Summit Whose Theme Is ‘Challenge and Opportunity’ 

Glenn Sanford, Founder, Chairman and CEO of eXp World Holdings opened the morning general session of the eXp Shareholder Summit on Friday in Orlando, whose theme is “Challenge and Opportunity.” He once again emphasized eXp’s goal is to be the most agent-centric brokerage in the world and he touched upon eXp’s continual focus on technology.

“At the end of the day, your success is what we are focused on. I still wear the agent hat to make this company and event the best it can possibly be,” said Glenn, who took over as CEO for eXp Realty in January. 

eXp World Holdings Founder, CEO and Chairman Glenn Sanford opens the most agent-centric event in eXp history.

“We are dialing things in, becoming even more agent-centric on a number of things. I try to steer us away from what companies tend to become, which is more corporate. I want us to be more agile, more nimble.” 

Glenn also teased the launch of an eXp tool “My Link My Lead” which has a patent pending. He explained the tool will allow eXp agents to share an affiliate link to eXp and any leads will come directly to the agent from anywhere in the country. 

“It’s another stream of income. It actually allows us to build a true national portal to compete with Zillow and other sites. If we promote it, eventually with 88,000 agents promoting it each and every day, it will create a groundswell of traffic to be the No. 1 website in America.”

Seth Siegler

Glenn said the EXPCON event in October will be totally focused on AI.

Seth Siegler, VP of Technology Innovation for eXp Realty, explained eXp launched “Luna,” a chatGPT support bot for agents, which can help answer any questions an agent might have (e.g., eXp policies, revenue share, Revenos, etc.)

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“This is in response to an emphasis on NPS (Net Promoter Score). We hear this from agents all the time – that business is 24/7, so this is another way to provide support. It will give you buyer and seller scripts. It’s blowing my mind. It is eXp-related as well as enhanced for a larger learning mode, relying on chatGPT.”

Contingent of eXp Florida Agents Welcomes Shareholder Attendees

eXp Realty agents Nikki Klein and Michael Collier introduced new agent joiners and emphasized that eXp now numbers 88,000 agents with 300+ eXplorers in the audience. eXplorers are non-eXp agents who were in attendance to get a preview of eXp with the potential to join.

Nikki Klein and Michael Collier.

 “It’s all about the agents. We are the magic,” said Michael.

Michael Valdes, Chief Growth Officer for eXp Realty, then welcomed a panel of eXp Realty agents – appropriately, all Floridians – including Veronica Figueroa, Orlando Montiel, Renee Funk and Peter Luu. Florida is eXp’s second-best performing state and has 9,000 agents, 600 team leaders and 100 commercial agents. Last year, the state closed on 47,000 transactions for $109 million in sales volume.

“One thing I’m grateful for is eXp is showing us there is no box; there are plenty of pathways to success here,” Renee said. 

Orlando agreed. “This model is unique and superior. But even more important, it’s about the people. You are unique and the collaboration around the country is tremendous.”

Veronica, who runs one of the largest teams at eXp said, “When I came to this company four years ago, I knew I was embarking on something special. I could finally show up as myself. I was able to focus on a different type of leadership. Come as you are. I lead my teams with love and pour love into the industry.”

“What eXp has done for my family is create legacy. We run together, we win together. I’m leaving a legacy for the great-great-grandchildren I will probably never meet,” said Peter.

The Future of Health Panel

Naveen Jain, Founder and CEO of Viome Life Sciences and Debbie Biery, Certified SUCCESS Coach and SUCCESS Brand Ambassador and eXp Realty agent Jesse Dau, a 3X ICON agent, discussed how to live healthy for longer by understanding your full body intelligence. 

“Our genes are our destiny,” said Naveen. 

From left, Naveen Jain, Debbie Biery and Jesse Dau.

Viome, which is an eXp partner, is a mission-driven systems biology company and it’s making an impact on the lives of eXp’s agents. 

Debbie Biery has always taken supplements and paid attention to her overall health but after receiving her Viome score, she learned she shouldn’t be taking certain supplements or eating certain foods. 

“What we consume makes such a huge difference in our lives,” says Biery. 

The panel further emphasized the importance of living for yourself and taking small steps to improve your overall health. 

“There is no such thing as healthy foods for everyone unless your name is everyone!” exclaimed Jain. 

To find out your gut intelligence score, visit SUCCESS Health.

eXp World Holdings General Counsel Jim Bramble Conducts Shareholder Business

Jim Bramble, General Counsel, eXp World Holdings, oversaw the Shareholder session in which several items were voted on, including:

  • Election of seven directors for a one-year term
  • Ratification of independent auditors
  • Approval of 2023 named executive officer compensation

All items were approved. 

Jeff Whiteside Derailed by Knee Injury, But Still Delivers Uplifting Financials

Jeff Whiteside, CFO and Chief Collaboration Officer for eXp World Holdings was unable to appear in person, jokingly explaining he was injured while being called up by his beloved Toronto Maple Leafs to play in the Stanley Cup. In reality, he had a knee operation and was unable to make it in person. In a taped video with Carolyn Merchant, CMO of eXp Realty, he discussed eXp’s incredible results despite a challenging market.

eXp Realty CMO Carolyn Merchant

“eXp has had a phenomenal number of growth years. Although our growth is well below our historical levels right now – most of our competitors were down, but we were up. We were built for this. We are going to get through it. It might take a little time, but we will get through it,” Jeff said and referred to numbers reported for full-year 2022 and Q1.

Carolyn reiterated that eXp is a top industry leader as reported by many industry media sites that track results, as well as one of the best places to work, achieving its sixth straight honor by Glassdoor.

“We are built for any market condition and these numbers point that out. We were built for both up and down markets,” said Carolyn.

Leo Pareja Leads Panel on Optimizing Your Business Strategy

Leo Pareja, Chief Strategy Officer, led an agent panel featuring Nicole Ambrose, Krista Mashore, Ramon Casaus and Ben Laube. They discussed how to stay agile and successfully navigate the current real estate market. 

“Be a mayor of your time,” said Krista. “Make future clients think of you before they are ready to buy or sell. Create funnels that are neighborhood specific.”

“It’s hard to grasp attention right now. Increase brand awareness and exposure so you don’t lose their attention in this fast-paced environment,” said Ramon.

“Be an educator. Find a space to help people. Being on the other side of wealth and knowing you have a stepping stone to home ownership. It’s not easy and it’s daunting. Giving people an opportunity to be who they are can help to catapult your business. Invest in real estate and teach. Be who you are and what you are,” said Nicole.

Pareja noted that the market has been especially tough in the past six months and asked the panel how they navigate challenges in the market. 

“Marketing and innovation is the backbone,” said Krista. “Attention is currency. Add value, make it about them. Dominate that neighborhood. Interview people and spend money behind it with Facebook ads. Win before you arrive!” 

“Get real with P&L and lead with it. You can’t go all in everywhere, focus on niches and institutional buyers. Find the person and generate a return,” said Ben.

“I love people and love to see people win. Finding success through others is what fuels me,” Nicole said.

“Most homeowners are using agents now more than ever before. Big money can’t do what I can do. Remember you can go against or with them; they need you. Take those opportunities and build,” says Casaus.

eXp Luxury Council Shares Tips on Breaking Into the Luxury Market

eXp Luxury launched in 2022 and now has grown to 370 members. Amy Weaver, Vice President of Growth for eXp Realty, moderated a panel on luxury with eXp Luxury Council members Tina Caul, Peter Middleton, Jana Caudill and Janie Coffey. Luxury ambassador Nathan Abbott also joined.

Amy asked the group how someone can break into luxury.

“When you are new to a market, you have to go after the easier business, and to me, that is a seller who failed to sell. My first luxury listing was over $1M. You can drop off info, email them, but just get in front of them. People are intimidated, but there are luxury listings that are overpriced. For me, it was expired (listings) and FSBOs.”

Nathan said, “We don’t feel we are worthy, but we need to be true to who we are. Be willing to be authentic to who you are. Don’t portray an image. Connect with people on a deeper level. And you will get referrals over and over again.”

Jana, who is a 26-year real estate veteran, said, “I want to list to last. I went after builders and developers. I just wanted listings. I put signs out there. To me, it’s are you winning life by helping others? Big or small, we sell them all. If you’re going to do something, do it well. Luxury is about doing the job and giving the best service. Treat their money like it’s your money.”

Janie said, “Luxury expired (listings) is a huge opportunity. Develop a niche — golf, historic, equestrian, B&B’s – that’s when the competition shrinks. Passionomics around people and their lifestyle. They feel they need you. You can cut through and get press, get coverage. Like referrals, they spring off each other.”

Pete said, “I moved from a market where homes were selling for $350K to a market where listings were $4.2M. If you want to break in, you have to have exceptional marketing. What we created at eXp Luxury is luxury in a box. It can help anyone here to break into luxury. It will help you stand out and take it to the next level.” 

Ed Mylett Gives Keynote That Brought the Crowd to Tears

Ed Mylett, entrepreneur, best-selling author, performance coach and podcast host, took the stage to give a deeply moving keynote. Read it here and yes, you will weep.

Monica Weakley Closes Out General Session

Monica Weakley, an eXp Realty agent out of Cincinnati, Ohio and also an eXp Board of Director, and eXp agent Carlos Puckerin, closed out the general session with a few minutes to pause and reflect.


Missed the eXp Shareholder Summit this year? Be sure to register for EXPCON, being held Oct. 2-5 in Las Vegas, where you can attend valuable keynotes and talks like this one.