Tips From Top eXp Realty Agents Who Have Weathered Economic Storms

It’s no secret that we are heading into an unpredictable real estate market and that’s why eXp Realty is offering all of its agents – and even non-eXp Realty agents – to Level Up their business by joining us for weekly inspiration, training and connection.

In addition, we asked eXp Realty agents for advice on how to go about their business of keeping their real estate businesses thriving.

Advice From eXp Realty Agents on the Changing Market:

Renee Funk

Garrick Yan, San Francisco Bay Area: “Go back to basics. Talk to the people who already know and like you. Reconnect with your sphere and past clients. See if there is anything you can do to help. Always give more than is expected of you. Your next deal is around the corner.”

Renee Funk, Orlando, Florida: “Seasons change, a fact in the real estate business. However, there are opportunities of growth to be found in every market.  Now more than ever, the importance of real estate agents being agile and DOUBLING DOWN in their business is critical. Continue to be the knowledge broker in your community and LEAN IN. Consistency and good habits are the (not so) secret sauce.”

Huy Nguyen, Houston, Texas: “When emotions run high, making smart decisions runs low. This is the time to decide if you are really in real estate for the long haul. Stay in the present! Focus on what you can control. Do what your business needs every day and watch yourself prosper to a new level while your competition retreats.”

Fred Tessier

Fred Tessier, New Jersey: “If there is one thing that is guaranteed throughout the real estate business, it’s change. Change comes in many forms, especially throughout economic, financial, and political climates that affect our industry.

“As true leaders and entrepreneurs of this new generation, we need to be consistently vested in including change into our business models because change is inevitable. When we see the seasons of change coming from afar, we need to fully embrace it, but also prepare to pivot and become versatile. Why? Because entrepreneurs are not solely defined as “boss,” but rather defined as problem solvers.

Rich Tomasini

“During change, allow room to learn new things in order to grow your business. Don’t be the agent that lives in one box; hoping to see new results by doing the same thing over and over. Be the agent that takes full advantage of all the great tools, resources and platforms that eXp provides to create multiple streams of income, generational wealth, education, and then some.”

Rich Tomasini, Lake Norman, North Carolina: “By opening up your mind, your business will expand by gaining shares of stock and growing your team with who you want to work with no matter where they are located. Pretty cool.”

Mitch Ribak, Merritt Island, Florida: “Some people will look at the upcoming shift in the market as a negative.  In reality, it’s an amazing opportunity to grow your business.  Pay attention to the shift and adjust accordingly.  For instance, when the market crashed in ’08, we shifted from a listing business to a buyers business and grew 20% per year.  This is your time to shine!  Let’s rock!”

Bic DeCaro

Bic DeCaro, Northern Virginia, D.C.: “It’s time to get super focused and tactical. What you did over the last couple years will not be enough in this new market. You have to evaluate your activities, how you spend your time and who you spend it with. 

“Don’t worry about what you can’t control, focus on what you can — yourself. Sharpen your skills and bring your A-game. It’s all about planning, strategizing and taking massive action.” 

Vlad Kats, Baltimore, Maryland: “Your success is not determined by the market, or by your clients.  The biggest determiner of your success is your actions.  Focus on those and, almost magically, the stars will align with your goals.”

Jacqui Bowman

Jacqui Bowman, Kent, Ohio: “Yes, real estate markets change and many agents will thrive. Think of it as an opportunity. The way we generate business, negotiate, and close transactions may look and feel different. But the choice to adapt, learn and commit to success is 100% dependent on us, not the market.”

Denise Mai, Burnaby, British Columbia: “Our choices create our future and destiny. It doesn’t matter what has happened in your past, or if you’re currently going through tough times. Make the right choices daily to create the circumstances you’ve envisioned for yourself. Stay consistent and laser focused. Don’t get distracted, you’ve got this!”

Shannon Milligan, Richmond, Virginia: “Remember, fire forges steel. Now is the time to sharpen our tools and skills by getting back to what we know works: lead generation, cultivating relationships and cutting through the smoke by being the resource/expert for clients and customers.”

Keely Rich

Michelle Rinaldi, Nationally Certified Condo Specialist, Singer Island, Florida: “Every market area is so concentrated with agents each vying for the same business, that if you set yourself apart and pick a niche or a specialty, you can develop an edge over other agents.”

Keely Rich, Maryland: “My best advice is to sit still, grab a pad and be INTENTIONAL with identifying WHAT specific things you plan to do to ensure you are ALREADY “front of mind” when anyone in your SOI or farmed community has a real estate need. Maximize kvCORE and truly understand what that platform offers and USE IT. Half the battle is staying in that 1st quadrant of activity which should include prospecting, PERIOD. Don’t be a secret agent.”


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