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Exclusive Benefit for
Thrive Network Members

Because you are member of the Thrive Network at EXP Realty, you are eligible to participate in this program at absolutely ZERO cost to you!

Dynamic Growth in Real Estate

Tanya has held many roles in the real estate industry since getting her real estate license in 2000. From being a top producing agent, to managing a high-volume Keller Williams Market Center to consulting individually with hundreds of real estate agents all over the country including some of the top real estate teams.

Tanya Van Rickley

She specializes in coaching and consulting on the subjects of leadership, business growth strategies, lead generation systems and personal development.

Empowering Real Estate Success

Tanya is an in-demand speaker and coach. She is a John Maxwell Certified Leadership Coach/Speaker and certified DISC Profile facilitator and coach. She is extremely passionate about helping agents gain the confidence and competence to make real estate a career rather than a hobby. She is a native San Diegan who made her way to Florida by way of Colorado.

She is an Ironman Triathlete and currently participates in Goruck events that range from 12 -24 hours. When she isn’t coaching or rucking, she spends time with her loved ones and 19 & 21 year old kids either hiking, snowboarding or any adventure that pops up. Her new passion is taking you on this new adventure of becoming a successful real estate agent.

A Triple-Focused Approach

This is an on-going coaching program that will focus on 3 major areas:

EXP Business Set Up

EXP has a massive amount of resources and it is easy to get lost in the ocean of information. This program will help you cut through the clutter and simplify the entire set up process so you are crystal clear on where to find everything you need inside of EXP so you can get out there and start doing deals with confidence.

Business Planning

You will create a customized Business Roadmap that help you understand EXACTLY what you need to be doing every day to ensure that you stay on track to hit your financial goals.


The MOST IMPORTANT thing an agent can do every single day is generate and follow up with leads. This the life blood of the real estate agent’s business. You will work in small groups, under the supervision of your coach to develop expert skills in this area to ensure quick start and strong long term growth.

Unlock Your
Real Estate Potential

Joining the Thrive Network at eXp Realty grants you access to specialized tools and systems designed for success. Enjoy the benefits of this program at zero cost and explore how the Thrive Network can enhance your career, whether you’re a seasoned agent or new to the industry.

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