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XCamp Delivers an Afternoon of Big Ideas With AI Being the King of the Conversation

What better way to start EXPCON 2023 than with a rousing edition of XCamp, the “unconference conference” that is designed by eXp Realty agents, for its agents?

Co-hosted by eXp Realty agents Elizabeth Riley and Keith Duble – both from Austin, Texas, and both multiple ICON Award winners (Elizabeth 8X and Keith 5X) – the event got off to an energizing start with 10 themes chosen:

Building Teams With Jack Rockwell and Kevin Hawkins

YouTube with Ryan Gomillion and Ali Carced

AI with Rick Janson and Michael Weisman

Lead Generation with Tiffany Gelzinis, Julie Clark and Andrew Doran

Social Media with Shawn Getty and Michael Duggal

TikTok with Robby Baker and Sunny Singh

Luxury with Daniel Foreman and Jana Caudill

Veterans and Military with Jenn Ghinga and Charleen Byrd

FSBO with Jimmy Nelson and Syed Mohsin

Agent Attraction with Julie Yunger and Victoria Melton

Making AI Work For You

Artificial Intelligence is the hottest topic of the day, and the dedicated breakout session on leveraging its potential – led by Michael Weisman, Ben Weisman and Rick Janson – was both interactive and brimming with valuable tips and insights.

During an enlightening breakout session, Michael Weisman (left), Ben Weisman (center), and Rick Janson (right) engage in a compelling discussion on the subject of AI

“Our job is very cognitive and AI is the best cognitive step skipper,” said Rick. “AI is also really helpful in amplifying my message. You have to think of it like a Golden Retriever, it just wants to bring you the ball and make you happy but you have to give it the right commands.”

Ben suggests giving AI the most information you can to allow it to organize your thoughts. “Take your brain dump of knowledge and let it work for you. Let it shape your knowledge.”

They also discussed the top ways they use AI in their businesses. “We mainly use it for content creation and lead generation,” said Michael. “But we also use it for agent attraction and to tell stories.”

Lead Generation – Organic and Paid Leads

eXp Realty agent Julie Clark of Seattle, spoke about generating organic leads through open houses and provided scripts.

Julie Clark said to use open houses as the hook in attracting nearby potential sellers.

Julie said when you get an open house, immediately pull canceled and expired listings in the area before the open house and call those listings. Tell them you are reaching out to see if they are also thinking about selling.

“Selling off-market is a great opportunity. It’s not a sales pitch; you are giving them the opportunity to think about selling again without the stress. And believe it or not, it works like a charm.”

She also said to get a “sell score” on homes – the potential of a home selling in the area of the open house – and get the phone number and call them to inform them of an upcoming sale to get them intrigued.

“You are giving them value. You are doing them a favor.”

Julie said a myth of off-market sales is that the seller won’t pay a commission, but she disputes that.

“If you offer them value, they will be interested. If it’s full price and no hassle, it will work.”

Tiffany Gelzinis, an ICON agent from Virginia Beach, Virginia, spoke about paid leads. She emphasized strongly that having your own database that you’ve built up over time is deeply valuable.

Tiffany Gelzinis is a big advocate of having a powerful database.

“I’m a big data junkie. You need to treat every single contact as a data point in the system. You need a system to stay out front. I bought leads from a company (legacy leads) for 50 cents a lead and I worked it over time. What you do over time is build it over time. Work the low-hanging fruit out of it.”

“When you do Zillow or Realtor.com, you better go big or go home. Do your referral-based stuff, Redfin, etc., and pay for a smaller PPC (pay per click) budget and spend the rest of the money on slowly buying tools that nurture your database.”

Andrew Dorn of Follow Up Boss joined them on stage and said: “Don’t have all your eggs in one basket – spread it. Have 9 or 12 or 18 lead sources. Then evaluate each lead source to see which performs best.”

Social Media Platforms: How to Go From DM to Dollars

eXp Realty agents Shawn Getty of Alberta and Michael Duggal of Ontario presented a session on social media. They both agreed to the 80/20 rule of posting on social media (80% personal and 20% professional.)

Alberta’s Shawn Getty.

”People are on social media because there are no ads. You need to show your dog, your vacation, etc..” said Shawn.

Shawn said his favorite social media platform is Facebook Marketplace.

“It’s free. Grab your listing or someone else’s and share it to a whole bunch of community groups. Example: Central Florida Yard Sales, Orlando Garage Sales, Things Happening in Central Florida, Alligator R Us.”

He also said there are five pillars about what you should post about:


Pets and kids




Michael Duggal of Ontario.

Michael’s favorite social media channel is YouTube. He suggested an easy video idea is to take market stats from the previous month, put it on Canva and make a nice chart. Show the number of sales, days on market, and list price to sales price percentage.

Michael’s takeaways:

TikTok is a younger demographic. I love YouTube and Facebook. Twitter is good for a high-end market.

I post between noon and 6 p.m.. Look at analytics. (What content has been saved, what content has been shared.)

Post every single day. Engage with people on their social media. Drop likes. 

It’s very easy to tell who is using chatGPT. It’s better to be authentic.

Go interview chefs at restaurants or anyone in your community. Be local.

TikTok – You Have 3 Seconds to Hook the Viewer

eXp Realty agents Robbie Baker of Knoxville, Tennessee, and Sunny Singh of Rancho Cucamonga, California, presented a talk on how to use TikTok in real estate. The first and biggest thing they emphasized was to understand that people have very short attention spans. 

Robbie Baker

Sunny Singh

Some takeaways from Robbie:

People don’t want a real estate robot. They want you. They want someone to relate to.

The hook is the most important part – the first 3 seconds.

Curiosity sells.

Storytelling is the most undervalued skill.

It’s not about awesome graphics or amazing editing, it’s about capturing their attention.

Most won’t watch if it’s over 60 seconds. Shoot for 30 seconds.

Use SnapTik.com to manually repurpose your video on other platforms. 

Sunny has an interesting background. He is a host on the American Dream TV show, manages a hotel and does real estate part-time. But, he is finding incredible success on TikTok for real estate leads. Here are his tips:

I just show what I am. Just be you. 

I start with my morning workout.

Because of TikTok, I sold 6 homes.  And I took home $180K already this year doing real estate part-time!. 

Like-minded people will connect with you. 

Don’t be fearful. 

Robbie said that for short-term attention spans – especially younger crowds – TikTok is where everyone is. 

Building Teams and Building a Business

Jake Rockwell (left) and Kevin Hawkins (right) lead a discussion on building teams.

Jake Rockwell and Kevin Hawkins kicked off an interactive breakout session on Building Teams, discussing the logistics of how to build a team and taking questions from the audience. 

They highlighted the importance of clearly defining a team leader’s role. 

“A team leader’s job is to figure out where the value lies,” said Kevin. “For us, building culture and providing training are two strong selling points for our agents. You have to figure out where the value is for your agents.”

Jake added to that by calling out the importance of a personal touch. “We celebrate the actions that get results during our team meetings,” said Jake.”I also try to do regular one-to-ones with my agents to help them professionally and personally however I can.”

They also touched on using social media to enhance recruiting efforts and how to effectively communicate the benefits of joining eXp. 

How To Leverage YouTube for Success

Ali Garced (left) welcomes attendees to a YouTube breakout session with Ryan Gomillion (right).

Ali Garced and Ryan Gomillion led a discussion on how to leverage YouTube for maximum success. They shared a number of tips and tricks including:

Authenticity is the key: “You have to be authentic to stand out,” advised Ali. “Your personality will differentiate you.”

Content is critical: “Interview people, do neighborhood tours,” suggested Ryan. “It doesn’t have to be fancy. You just need to educate people. I do regular mortgage updates, for example.”

Don’t aim for perfection: Novices can start with scripts and then move to bullet points as they get more used to it: “With each one I get better,” said Ryan. “You need to be authentic, not perfect.”

Tie it all together: “Always have an end screen,” said Ali. “You want to have a call to action. You also want to point them to other content you have that they might be interested in.”

Successful Selling in the Luxury Division

Daniel Foreman, Jana Caudill and Noe De Leon led a breakout on luxury real estate.

“Luxury clients require a different level of coddling, and you need to be dedicated to providing it, ” Daniel said. “You have to be at your listings, available to discuss the property and point out its special features.”

Daniel Foreman (left), Jana Caudill and Noe De Leon (right) lead a discussion on luxury real estate.

The group then answered agent questions about the secret sauce to successful selling in the luxury division and how to stand out against other sellers. 

“I always say a listing is the tree and it’s up to us to put branches on that tree. Your branding; postcards, signage, directionals, how you present yourself,” Jana said. “Everything you do is so important when you are representing luxury properties and sellers.”

Noe cited property knowledge as the key to success. 

“Really understand the property. Really understand it. Find out from your clients why they purchased it and what has taken place there, that’s a story. The story will help the buyer connect and be a part of that story.”

Catering to Veteran and Military Buyers

Charleen Byrd, Jenn Ghinga, Naseem Eissa and Maria Mcgee led a discussion on veteran and military buyers.

“Military buyers are loyal. If you serve them and do everything you can for them, they will refer you better than your own mother does.” Jenn said. “If you care for your military families, they will make sure you are catered to (as an agent)  forever.”

Charleen discussed the importance of choosing a lender who understands VA (Veterans Administration).

Charleen Byrd (left), Maria McGee, Jenn Ghinga and Naseem Eissa (right) discuss support for Veteran and Military buyers.

 “Many agents say they won’t work with the VA because it’s too complicated, and that couldn’t be less true,” she said. “You have to work with organizations who understand the VA process.” 

The group focused on the VA Tidewater process that exists to combat low VA appraisals, a common fear for agents who do not want to work with VA loans due to appraisal issue concerns. Tidewater ensures that deals go through despite low appraisals and keeps the closing process moving. 

“You can close a VA loan more quickly than any conventional or FHA loan,” Jen said. “it’s practically like cash.” 

Naseem stressed the need to understand your clients’ personal situation and put yourself in their shoes. 

“Think about what they are facing. Are they coming from overseas? Do a video walkthrough, and make yourself an invaluable resource for them.”

Successfully Converting FSBO Clients

Syed Mohsin and Jimmy Nelson led a discussion on FSBO properties (For Sale By Owner).

“FSBO represents a significant number of homes in the real estate arena, and a significant number of sellers,” Syed said. “However, only 8% sold by FSBO as a FSBO, and they would have sold for 28% higher if they had used an agent,” Jimmy added.

The pair discussed the challenge of sellers who use FSBO who don’t have the marketing tools and don’t know what they’re doing or how to scale their sales efforts. 

Syed Mohsin (left) and Jimmy Nelson (right) discussed FSBO conversions.

“I always ask, would you sell a Rolex at a garage sale? No. So why are you selling your house that way?” Jimmy said. “I coach and train agents to ask FSBO’s the question – if a total stranger knocked on your door, would you let them in? Because that’s what will happen with FSBO.” 

Jimmy stressed the key point that agents work on their end is to make sure they are verified and approved to buy the home, an attractive point for sellers. 

Syed cited empathy as a strong conversion tactic. 

“You have to demonstrate the value that you add for the seller. Approach them with empathy and understand their perspective to understand why they are using the FSBO approach,” he said. “Many sellers say they just don’t like agents and do not have another basis for using FSBO. You will hear their story and show them your value.”


Interested in jump-starting your real estate career? Learn how eXp Realty puts agents first.

XCamp Delivers an Afternoon of Big Ideas With AI Being the King of the Conversation Read More »

eXp Realty’s Mentor Program Connects New Agents With Certified, Experienced Mentors

eXp Realty is known for its collaborative spirit, as well as its robust training and education programs, supporting agents of all experience levels. One very popular program is eXp’s Mentor Program, which helps new agents get matched with an experienced eXp Realty agent to help guide them – not only in real estate – but also in navigating all the tools and programs eXp Realty offers.

How the eXp Mentor Program Works:

Any agent joining eXp who has less than three transactions in the last 12 months in their respective state (mentees), will be matched with a certified eXp Realty estate agent (mentor) who is geographically located close to the new agent and within the same MLS. (Different requirements apply in North Carolina and Washington states. Please email the [email protected] with additional questions pertaining to these state’s requirements).

>See why collaboration is at the heart of eXp Realty’s agents

Mentors are certified and will provide their mentees guidance in a practical, hands-on manner to lead them in the early stages of their careers. Mentees and mentors will connect weekly or as needed to review issues as well as work through a learning platform (i.e., the GO! Mentee Curriculum). Additionally, mentors will provide shadowing opportunities, offer support during transactions and stay active and engaged with their mentees so they gain the fundamental knowledge required to start and build a successful real estate career. 

What Is the GO! Mentee Curriculum?

The GO! Mentee curriculum is a robust two-part program to get mentees up-to-speed on real estate and eXp Realty. This curriculum provides new agents with the fundamental knowledge required to start and build a successful real estate career. It incorporates content and feedback from mentors, brokers, the eXp University team and mentor program staff.

It was designed to build conversations, training and experience around core competencies to ensure mentees graduate with a more holistic and in-depth baseline of foundational information, skills and strategies. Mentees are automatically enrolled in the GO! Mentee Curriculum.

The course is broken down into two parts:

GO! Joining – This is offered to agents as they join, prior to license transfer which includes: eXp Fundamentals Module; Welcome to the Mentor Program Module and State-Specific Mentor Content Module.

GO! Curriculum – Once an agent has become active and is paired with a mentor, they take eight courses that cover basic real estate fundamentals.

What Topics Does the GO! Mentee Curriculum Cover?

The GO! Mentee Curriculum covers onboarding, the eXp Realty fundamentals and state-specific information. Once completed, mentors work with mentees on completing the following classes:

Session A – GO! Buyer-Focused Fundamentals

Session B – GO! Sales & Business Planning

Session C – GO! Real Estate Fundamentals

Session D – GO! Lead Management

Session E – GO! Appraisals & Valuations

Session F – GO! Working with Buyers

Session G – GO! Working with Sellers

Session H – GO! Social Media Marketing

Requirements for a Mentee to “Graduate”

In order for a mentee to graduate from the mentorship program, they must:

Complete 3 transactions with a mentor. (Some states require more transactions.)

Successfully complete the GO! Mentee Curriculum

Attend at least 50% of all state meetings

Attend weekly eXp agent leadership meetings

In addition, mentees will pay 20% on all transactions required for graduation (10% to eXp and 10% to the mentor).

How eXp Realty Agents Become Certified Mentors

eXp Realty agents can apply to be a mentor in their state and approval is dependent upon the state broker team and fulfillment of the following requirements:

Completion of at least eight real estate transactions within the last 12 months.

Completion of at least two transactions within the eXp Realty system.

Complete all required certification steps, including a 1-2-hour course.

Attend at least 8 of 12 monthly Mentor Mastermind Workshops held in eXp World.

Attend at least 50% of their respective state meetings.

Once the course and requirements are completed, an agent will be added to the Mentor Workplace Group where additional resources and information is available. Currently, eXp has over 7,000 mentors and 23,000 mentees in the program. 

eXp Realty Agents Explain Why They Sign Up to Be Mentors

“The goal of the Mentor Program is to bypass a lot of the struggles new agents go through and to have someone by their side to learn their business quickly and to close a lot more transactions. That’s what I do love about the Mentorship program. I also love that when a new agent gets started, they have a person as a guide, which is extremely important — especially when you need to have questions answered quickly,” said eXp Realty agent Karla Jones Wilson of Bradenton, Florida.

John Clark, from the Dayton Home Team said, “The Mentorship program is pretty selfless if you think about it. You spend a number of years working on your business and craft and now you’re considering sharing that information with brand-new or struggling agents to get them on the right path. We are seriously making waves and changing the industry. We’re sending people out to do the right things, the right ways, which is ultimately taking care of the community as well.” 

Likewise, Mentees Love the eXp Mentor Program

“Yes, we get our license through a school — whichever school we go to, but you do not learn how to utilize that license in the real world to get the deals. And that’s where a mentor comes in. Anytime I had a question, he was there for me or if he didn’t know, he would point me in the right direction. Also, there are going to be moments when you’re going to feel doubtful — like, is this the right field for me? But in my case, he was more determined to make sure I don’t feel that way or quit. I think everyone should have a mentor. It’s an amazing idea,” said eXp Realty agent Kimmi Daley of Springboro, Ohio.

“They pair you with a mentor who is from your area that you can chat with, meet up with, do open houses with just to get a little hands-on as well as create a learning module that you’re required to go through. My favorite part of the learning module is that not only do they teach you the next steps with real estate because I know as a new agent that can get confusing and you don’t really know what to do at first. So it’s nice that they give you step-by-step instructions on what you should be doing. They also give you a lot of tools to start goal-setting and prioritizing your time. I think the Mentor program is a super great tool for anybody who is brand-new to real estate,” said BillieJean Brown, an eXp Realty agent located in Honolulu, Hawaii.


Interested in jump-starting your real estate career? Learn how eXp Realty puts agents first.

eXp Realty’s Mentor Program Connects New Agents With Certified, Experienced Mentors Read More »